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The Creative Artisans Network™ (CAN) is changing the way that independent artisans do business.  We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face, and the services that you look for in a professional trade association.  We are committed to providing the most comprehensive benefits package available, at a price that won't compromise your budget. 


Can you depend on a trade association to:


  Procure member benefits that you can actually use?


  Provide ongoing marketing and promotional support?


  Extend value-added services to help you increase your bottom line?


  Offer solutions to protect your intellectual property rights?


  Secure discounts on services that will help your business grow?


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   to help our clients grow their businesses also.



  To these questions, we're pleased to answer...YES YOU CAN! 



Discover the Creative Artisans Network™ (CAN) -- a trade association serving artisans and crafters in a wide variety of disciplines.  We're determined to change the way you look at trade associations -- by bringing our members the best value for their membership dollar.  We've assembled a package of products and services that are designed to increase brand exposure, reach new markets, increase efficiency and productivity, provide valuable industry information, and improve your bottom line!

Still skeptical?  Don't take our word for it -- we invite you to do the research.  Compare us side-by-side to some of the leading industry resources.  We're confident that you'll agree that YOU CAN enjoy and profit from the benefits of a professional trade association membership at an affordable cost. 


The mission of the Creative Artisans Network™ is to provide our members with industry information, resources, and affordable marketing and promotional opportunities that will assist them in reaching their small business goals.


Creative Artisans Network™ is the ONLY trade association of its type that is managed by a professional in the field of marketing and promotion. CAN is a key component of a full service network that includes a number of services catering to the handcrafted community.






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